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Your Questions Answered

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Commercial Point Finance and the Finance we offer.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

Useful Information

General Questions

We have many so many happy customers and would love to welcome you onboard.

Commitment: Rest assured we will put in 100% effort to make sure you will get the finance to grow your business.

Transparency: We keep you fully informed from start to finish so you know what is going on with your funding.

Respect: We respect you and your business. We have tremendous respect for all our customers. This is evidenced by the sheer volume of great customer relationships we have.

Passion: We Get Finance – we truly enjoy getting your deals done and making sure you are 100% happy with the result. See is as a game and we are good at it!

No – We work for you. We are accredited with a vast many lenders but are not associated with any lender.

Diversification of your lending exposure will ensure competitive results. Having all your lending with 1 lender will very much limit your borrowing capacity and finance products / solutions available to you.

Our services are generally free of charge, however, we do have a small Administration fee that we charge for each loan settled. Speak to your consultant for further info.

There is no obligation to proceed, even after we have secured pre-approved finance on your behalf.

Interest rates are important but only part of the deal. We shop the market and our promise to you is that we will always secure you the best available deal which includes the best interest rates as well.

No it is not necessary – a high percentage of our clients with whom we have very long relationships with are located all throughout Australia, but have never met.

Yes, we can arrange pre-approved equipment / property /cashflow finance limits, so you can plan your future acquisitions and deployments.

We do the heavy lifting and will chase up most of your paperwork with your accountant/bookkeeper to take the fuss out of finance for you.

Equipment Finance Specific Questions

We work with the following finance options: Specific Security Agreement (Chattel Mortgage), Hire Purchase, Lease or Rental Finance.  Read more

There are different ways to get your finance approved. Together we can decide what is the best option for your business. It depends on your circumstances which approval option is the best one. For example if you are in a hurry – own property and have property equity, have traded under same ABN for 2 years and have a clear credit record, Low Doc is the most likely option. Read more.

No – we finance from new to 30+ years old – NEW or USED.

In most instances YES – Contact us and we will give it our best shot.

Equipment loans and leases are different. An equipment loan allows you to purchase equipment outright by borrowing money from a lender. You repay the loan over time with interest, similar to a mortgage. On the other hand, equipment leasing involves the lender purchasing the equipment on your behalf, and you effectively rent it from them. Choose based on how quickly the equipment becomes obsolete. Leasing suits short-term needs (1 to 7 years), while loans are better for long-lasting equipment.

Commercial Finance Specific Questions

We can source a whole range of Commercial Finance Options. Debtor Finance, Working Capital Finance and Trade Finance are some popular options. We take the whole business picture, your existing loans, your future plans into account. Together we map out a strategic path so that your business can maximize its borrowing potential. For all the commercial finance options we provide see for more detail.

Deposits vary significantly based on the type of commercial property or business loan. Examples:

    • Commercial property: Generally borrow up to 70% of the property’s value (depending on type, location, and lease terms). Can achieve up to 90% under certain circumstances.
    • Business Purchase loans: Usually 60% of the business value (up to 70% for well-known businesses or franchises).
    • Development finance: Up to 75% of the development cost.
    • Low Doc commercial property finance: Up to 75% (and sometimes 80%).
  • Interest rates vary based on the asset type.
  • Generally, commercial property rates are lower than loans for business purchases, unsecured lending, or equipment leasing.
  • Higher deposits = lower Loan to Value ratios which lead to lower interest rates due to reduced risk.

Commercial Property Finance Specific Questions

Compared to residential property loans, commercial property loans typically require:

    • Greater deposit
    • Higher interest rates
    • Shorter loan terms
    • Stricter assessments due to inherent risk

Referral Partners

We are a trusted finance broking company that has multiple partnerships with large dealers / manufacturers and professionals such as accountants and mortgage brokers. 

Partnering with us will give you confidence that we will work closely with your business to achieve more sales and in doing so your customer will get the best available finance options for their circumstances. Our service for your customers is free of charge, and we even offer you a commission to our referral partners for each referral successfully settled. Contact us to find out more.

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