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So your business invoices your clients every month for work performed and products supplied, but due to the payments terms of 30 – 60 days, you need to wait for your money.

If your client is late in paying you, your cashflow gets pinched and you end up late paying your suppliers or the ATO to survive. Does this sound familiar?

I have a solution for you. I source quality cost-effective ‘Debtor Finance’  solutions from a number of specialized lenders. You can get paid up to 100% of your invoice the day after you issue it to your clients.

Here is a Case study of how I used Debtor Finance to assist one of my clients.

Client Request

Debtor Finance Case Study

My client had been working for multiple government departments in regional NSW. The contract work was for the external grounds maintenance of public housing sites and many public spaces. They were large size contracts covering a big geographical area.

The opportunity came up for my client to take over competitors contracts in a number of other regions of NSW. Due to the competitors going into administration.

Cashflowing this expansion was going to be a real struggle due to the volume of extra staff and work that needed to be taken on. The purchase of extra vehicles and equipment was also required.

Our Solution

Debtor Finance Case Study

I discussed with the client the value of a Debtor Finance style of funding. This would provide them with up to 100% of their invoiced funds the day after each approved invoice was issued.

This enabled them to successfully take on almost 50% more staff and workload in a very short time. I then set about securing Equipment Finance funding for the number of extra vehicles and machinery required to complete the works.

Without the use of Debtor Finance, this level of expansion would have been impossible and this amazing opportunity would have to be passed up.


Contact me with your business scenario so that I can assist you to achieve your goals. You could be my next Debtor Finance Case Study.

If your business needs assistance call to discuss your options – 1300 363 333.